Aquatic Surveys

Aseda is an established, specialist consultancy providing a range of services relating to the aquatic environment.  We undertake surveys of all types of freshwater waterbody for conservation assessment, to monitor or identify a discharge or impact, assess damage or recovery, or to assess flow requirements or nutrient enrichment.

Surveys utilise techniques monitoring benthic, pelagic and emergent macroinvertebrate communities in still and flowing freshwater habitats.

Surveys support environmental statements and ecological impact assessments of aquatic habitats.

Why survey?

Inland waters are an essential natural resource, for both wildlife and people.

The European Water Framework Directive (WFD) provides the legislative framework for the protection of surface and groundwaters; it aims to both protect and enhance the ecological status of inland and coastal waters and groundwater.  It aims to achieve this though the setting of standards on water quality and ecological status.

Aquatic macroinvertebrates are among the elements used to assess the ecological status of surface waters.

Development schemes which may impact on the ecological status of a waterbody are likely to require a WFD assessment to identify possible risks, mitigation and or enhancement measures.

Establishing baseline conditions and forecasting future biodiversity value of aquatic habitats is an essential part of the Biodiversity Net Gain approach to developments.


Rivers and Streams

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