Aseda Bulletins

Winter 2019 Bulletin

"Headwater stream habitats – or why size isn’t everything"

Winter 2017 Bulletin

"Never judge a book by its cover, or the value of a mosaic of wetland and aquatic habitats, however scruffy."

Winter 2016 Bulletin

“Landscape-scale conservation assessment of marsh habitats”


Winter 2014 Bulletin

“Water-crowfoot and environmental conditions”

“Catchment-scale river quality”



Winter 2013 Bulletin

“The aquatic macroinvertebrate assemblages of grazing-marsh ditch networks”



Winter 2012 Bulletin

“To restore or not? Pond biodiversity and natural succession”



Spring 2011 Bulletin

“Surface water abstraction”



Summer 2010 Bulletin

“Hydro-electric scheme”

“Multi-source river pollution”