About us

Aseda is an established, professional consultancy based in Somerset, providing a range of specialist services relating to the aquatic environment.

We undertake surveys of rivers, streams, canals, wetlands, ponds and lakes.  Aseda works throughout the British Isles.

We provide analyses on environmental data sets, from single waterbody to catchment scale, both spatial and temporal.

Aseda provides advice on management practices, mitigation, habitat creation and restoration.

We pride ourselves in providing clear, detailed and independent reporting and advice.


Who we are

Dr Debbie Snook


Freshwater Ecologist/Hydro-ecologist


Debbie has over 25 years’ experience within the field of aquatic ecology.

She has specialist expertise in hydro-ecology of freshwater environments, investigating and resolving water quality problems, habitat restoration and amelioration, and ecosystem community dynamics.

Debbie has a passion for the aquatic environment.  She launched Aseda in 2003.

She is a Chartered Biologist, a full member of the Royal Society of Biology, a Chartered Environmentalist, a full member of the Chartered Institute of Ecology and Environmental Management.  Her PhD researched the aquatic communities in alpine stream habitats in the French Pyrénées.



Large or or multidisciplinary projects are undertaken in collaboration with a network of specialists.

Web sites of companies we are associated with:


Aquatonics Ltd.

Water Resource Associates Ltd.

Vegetation Survey & Assessment Ltd.